Experts: Mystery fireball was Russian satellite

Experts: Mystery object that streaked across night sky over Rockies was Russian spy satellite

Wednesday - 09/17/2014, 10:30am EDT

Arrest in robbery of autistic man in Connecticut

Man charged with stealing $100 in birthday money from autistic man in Connecticut park

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 12:00pm EDT

Police: 2 boys confess to preschool pumpkin heist

Police say 2 boys confess to preschool pumpkin heist at New Mexico center

Tuesday - 09/16/2014, 11:28am EDT

New Mexico county struggling with stinky building

Southern New Mexico county struggling with stench in building that officials can't get rid of

Monday - 09/15/2014, 08:40pm EDT

Goldfish undergoes life-saving surgery

An Australian couple that couldn't bear to let their beloved goldfish die shelled out $200 for a 45-minute surgery.

Monday - 09/15/2014, 02:50pm EDT

Cops: NY man hid drugs in anti-drug stuffed animal

Cops: Upstate New York man hid pot, cocaine, LSD inside stuffed animal with anti-drug T-shirt

Monday - 09/15/2014, 11:10am EDT

Urban Outfitters sells Kent State shirt with apparent blood splatters

Many are calling clothing retailer Urban Outfitters distasteful after it sold a T-shirt online with the Kent State seal and what appears to be splattered blood stains.

Monday - 09/15/2014, 11:09am EDT

Police seek huge boa on loose in Idaho

Police in Nampa, Idaho, on lookout for 9-foot Columbian boa constrictor on loose since Friday

Monday - 09/15/2014, 10:40am EDT

Giant San Diego panda gets chipped tooth fixed

Giant San Diego panda gets chipped tooth fixed so she can eat bamboo again

Sunday - 09/14/2014, 10:00pm EDT

Police: Intruder caught cooking corn in home

Police: Massachusetts man wakes up to find an intruder cooking corn in his kitchen

Sunday - 09/14/2014, 10:00pm EDT

Cops photograph alleged sleeping Florida burglar

Deputies snap photos of alleged Florida burglar asleep next to stolen jewelry in victim's home

Sunday - 09/14/2014, 10:00pm EDT

Vermont town looking for stolen electronic sign

Vermont town looking for stolen electronic sign that told drivers how fast they're going

Sunday - 09/14/2014, 06:40pm EDT

Woman accused of aiming gun at kids over clarinet

Woman upset about boy practicing clarinet in backyard accused of pointing unloaded gun at kids

Sunday - 09/14/2014, 01:40pm EDT

Friends, 86-years-old apart, reunite

Three-year-old pal of World War II veteran comes over for a play date.

Sunday - 09/14/2014, 02:30am EDT

Man arrested after discussing drugs on 911 call

Man arrested in Tenn. after dispatchers hear him discussing drugs on accidental 911 call

Friday - 09/12/2014, 07:10pm EDT

Police: Man broke into bar, took nap in kitchen

Police: Pennsylvania man broke into bar after hours, took drunken nap in kitchen

Friday - 09/12/2014, 07:10pm EDT

Museum traces fragments of Star-Spangled Banner

After 200 years, Smithsonian still uncovering fragments of the original Star-Spangled Banner

Friday - 09/12/2014, 12:43pm EDT

Thieves steal pumpkins grown by preschoolers

Pumpkin patch grown by New Mexico preschoolers picked cleaned by thieves

Friday - 09/12/2014, 12:16pm EDT

Illinois volunteers grill 100-foot-long bratwurst

Illinois bar grills 100-foot-long bratwurst as practice for 200-foot brat attempt

Friday - 09/12/2014, 11:26am EDT

Man held for allegedly stealing Ferrari twice

Los Angeles man arrested for allegedly stealing the same Ferrari twice

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 08:12pm EDT
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