• VRE fares increase 4 percent

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The cost of a ticket on the Virginia Railway Express has gone up by 4 percent. The fare increase went into effect Wednesday. For riders who go from Fredericksburg to Union Station,…

  • Photos: Stunning sunset follows storms

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  • Storm damage in the area portends a wet weekend

    WASHINGTON — After strong thunderstorms ripped through the D.C. area Thursday evening, more heavy rain is on the way in the weekend forecast. Torrential rain, lightning and high winds brought down trees and power lines…

  • High tide: flash flooding ravages Texas

    WASHINGTON — Texas continues to be hit with flooding. Anywhere from 800 to 1,400 homes in Houston have been damaged by the storms and flooding of recent days, and 19 people have died due to…

  • Twisted April: The tornadoes of 2011

    WASHINGTON — Sunday in the D.C. region was gorgeous and Monday morning was similarly calm with light blue skies and cool temperatures. But four years ago this week, the Washington area was hit by repeated…

  • Tips to stay safe during a thunderstorm

    Thunderstorms laced with lightning regularly roll through the
    D.C. area in the warm summer months. And when thunder is booming and lightning is
    flashing, the safest place is indoors. But there are lightning risks inside the
    sturdiest building and a car or truck can provide fairly safe shelter outdoors.

  • Cold front ahead but not before more storms

    A refreshing air mass with pleasant temperatures is ahead, but not before more oppressive humidity and the possibility of storms.

  • Tips: how to weather the summer storms

    WASHINGTON — Storms on Thursday rolled over Fairfax County in Northern Virginia, knocking down trees and throwing out power for thousands of customers in the region. No one was injured, officials say, but the storm’s…

  • Storm-related insurance claims: What to do before and after

    As severe summer storms move through the area, there\’s a chance insurance claims will be filed because of home damage. If Mother Nature\’s fury sends a tree limb crashing, those limbs and holes needed moved or patched.

  • High waters converge for traffic headaches

    When heavy rains and rush hours coincide, delays are inevitable.
    Thursday, the worst of the region\’s traffic woes have correlated with the flash flood
    warnings issued for Loudoun County in Virginia and Montgomery and Frederick
    counties in Maryland.

  • First drought, now flood threat in Calif.

    Homes were evacuated as a swift storm with expected heavy rain moved toward drought plagued Southern California, bringing worries of mudslides where recent wildfires destroyed ground cover and left hillsides exposed.

  • Heavy snow, thunderstorms moving into Midwest

    Blizzards rolled into parts of Wyoming and South Dakota on Friday, bringing the snow-savvy states to an unseasonably early wintery standstill by closing highways and schools, and even forcing a tourist town to cancel its annual Octoberfest\’s polka-dancing bar crawl.

  • Report criticizes Verizon response to 911 failure

    A draft report presented to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Wednesday recommends a series of changes in response to the June derecho that knocked out the 911 system in Northern Virginia.

  • Storm chops chimney off Arlington home

    The woman living in the home is thankful no one was

  • Comparing Washington’s recent derechos

    The severe windstorm that roared southeast from
    the Great Lakes into the Mid-Atlantic in June
    was an extreme weather event for the Washington,
    D.C. metro area. The storm system left extensive
    tree damage in its wake and more than one
    million people were without power.