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TRAFFIC ALERT In D.C., southbound 295 is shut down just south of the Pennsylvania Ave. exit due to an accident.



  • That cold you’re treating could be allergies

    WASHINGTON – Blame it on the snow, or the cold temperatures. While it may feel like a cold, the long winter has patients misdiagnosing their allergies, doctors say. “For both colds and allergies, people are going…

  • Massive chunks of ice wash ashore on Cape Cod

    In what a meteorologist is calling a “Once-in-a-generation” event, massive amounts of ice are washing up in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

  • Cold weather could delay blooming of cherry blossoms

    WASHINGTON — The frigid weather that has lingered in the D.C. area this season could impact D.C.’s famous cherry blossom trees. According to the National Park Service, peak bloom typically occurs around April 4, but…

  • Fairfax County students sound off online, call for snow day

    WASHINGTON — Students are lashing out on social media after Fairfax County Public Schools failed to close or delay schools Thursday — a day that the region is getting blasted by some of the coldest air…

  • Amtrak trains on a modified schedule

    WASHINGTON — Amtrak trains on are the Northeast Corridor are running on a modified schedule Thursday and Friday because of the cold weather. “While the number of frequencies has changed between New York City and…

  • Photos: Frigid temperatures, snow blast D.C.

    A bitter cold snap is creating the conditions for a long-lasting snow event in the D.C. area.

  • Bethesda residents battle below-freezing temps, power outages

    WASHINGTON — The bitterly cold and windy weather Sunday caused several thousand residents across the D.C. Metro area to lose power and heat early Sunday morning. “It’s very cold outside,” said Steve Gross, who was scraping ice…

  • Warming centers open as temperatures plummet

    WASHINGTON — It is going to be dangerously cold over the next 72 hours. Some places will feel like it is 20 degrees below zero. That means there is concern about hypothermia, and getting out…

  • Get your coat: Winter isn’t over yet

    WASHINGTON — Oh boy. Get ready for some cold air. Mother Nature certainly reminded us Tuesday morning that winter is not over yet, even after our 68 degree temperature in D.C. on Sunday. For the…

  • Cold severity will determine when you should work out

    WASHINGTON — It’s the prime time of year for the common cold. And a fair number of people who have likely been going through days of tissues and chicken soup are probably going a little…

  • How to protect your home’s pipes in extreme cold

    WASHINGTON — It’s hard to imagine that a leaky faucet could be the answer to anything, but letting faucets drip can help prevent them from freezing and bursting in extreme cold. Spigots serving lawns and…

  • Protecting yourself, children from bitter cold

    WASHINGTON – When temperatures dip into the single digits, everyone needs to take extra care to protect themselves and their children from the cold. Dr. Erik Schobitz, a Pediatric Emergency Department physician at Adventist HealthCare…

  • D.C. area saw record lows Tuesday night

    As parts of the nation are buried under snow and bracing for winter storms, the D.C. area is experiencing chilly temperatures too after seeing record lows Tuesday night heading into early Wednesday.

  • D.C. complex residents keep shivering, wait for relief

    For residents in an apartment complex in Northeast D.C., home sweet home is hardly cozy, and they\’re not happy.

  • As temperatures drop, the need for shelters grows

    With the arriving cold snap, most of the region will reach for the thermostat and keep the heat on well into next week. But that isn\’t the case for D.C.\’s homeless population.