Teta Alim

Teta Alim

Digital Editor

Teta Alim’s interest in journalism started in music: Her friend had asked her about her thoughts on The Wombats’ debut album and it spiraled from there.

Teta graduated from American University with a double major in political science and foreign language and communication media, which means that she studied French and broadcast journalism.

During her time in college, she was involved in the university’s internet radio station, WVAU, and had a radio show from her freshman year until her senior year. She wrote for the radio’s website, WVAU.org, and had her own music column for two years. Eventually, she became the station’s web director.

As a two-time dean’s intern, she has worked at NBC Washington and Current.org. At NBC Washington as a digital desk intern, she wrote web stories covering crime, local events and music; helped reporters with their web content; and worked on social media at special events. At Current.org, she wrote web stories specifically about issues in public media, covering both public television and radio. She has also interned for a local personal stylist and a real estate broker based out of the Watergate Apartments.  Teta also has written freelance pieces for local publications like The DCist and WAMU’s music website, Bandwidth. 

Her interest in stories and new experiences has brought her abroad, studying and living in Australia and England. In high school, she lived in Australia for a year in a small town north of Melbourne, living on a farm and going to private school – two experiences totally new to her. In college, she went to University College London in England for a semester, studying at a top British school, hosting a radio show and living in London’s Camden neighborhood, where Amy Winehouse lived. Every several years, Teta also visits her family in Indonesia, her birth country. But she grew up in upstate New York, in the idyllic town of Ithaca, home of the Big Red.

Although not a D.C. native, Teta loves the city like her own hometown, and came to WTOP after NBC Washington, wanting to stay in local news in her favorite American city. When she’s not at work, catch her at a concert on U Street or visiting her favorite exhibits at the National Portrait Gallery. If you ask her about music, make sure you have several hours to spare, especially if you bring up M.I.A. or Frank Ocean.

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