nfl recap


  • 2018 NFL Conference Championship Recap

    Controversial calls, crazy bounces, a youth movement and a historic amount of free football. The NFL Conference Championship Recap might be the best of the 2018 season.

  • 2018 NFL Divisional Round Recap

    A high school reunion, a virtual certainty, friendly fire and the destruction of conventional wisdom headline the NFL Divisional Round Recap.

  • 2018 NFL Wild Card Recap

    Shutdown defense, ricochet kicks, Foles’ magic and underdog victors highlight a Wild Card Recap of a wild first week of the playoffs.

  • 2018 NFL Week 17 Recap

    Seasons end with a whimper, statements are made in clinchers and beloved veterans go out on a high note. The NFL Week 17 Recap makes sure to touch on all 32 teams to end the 2018 regular season.

  • 2018 NFL Week 16 Recap

    Rudolph saves the day, St. Nick comes to play and Christmas cheer is stolen in a special NFL Week 16 Recap delivered just in time for the holidays.

  • 2018 NFL Week 15 Recap

    Sack parties, shutouts, a trip to Disneyland and an ugly Christmas sweater — a perfect NFL Week 15 Recap for the holiday season.

  • 2018 NFL Week 14 Recap

    Prime pairings, a South Beach stunner, a West Coast waste and a helluva name for a band. The NFL Week 14 Recap has all this and more.

  • 2018 NFL Week 13 Recap

    Revisionist history, RG3’s return, strong family ties and a historic firing highlight the NFL Week 13 Recap.

  • 2018 NFL Week 12 Recap

    In addition to a day of thanksgiving, the NFL Week 12 Recap includes perfect passers, a storm of punches and trolling an ex-boss like a boss.

  • 2018 NFL Week 11 Recap

    Alex Smith’s sad coincidence, brazen thievery, a Super Bowl statement and an international incident is averted in the NFL Week 11 Recap.

  • 2018 NFL Week 10 Recap

    A salute to the troops, a Lucky 13, drinking to cope and big man TDs. Put it all together, and it makes for a helluva NFL Week 10 Recap.

  • 2018 NFL Week 9 Recap

    The NFL Week 9 Recap goes retro: Techmo Bowl plays, Super Bowl statements, a hilarious homage and a stunning debut for the ages highlight the games played at the midseason mark.

  • 2018 NFL Week 8 Recap

    The greatest catch that never was, the worst kind of Halloween choices, the sweetest tastes of revenge and prehistoric players are the ingredients of a helluva NFL Week 8 Recap.

  • 2018 NFL Week 7 Recap

    D-list celebrities, the duality of Blake Bortles, 4th-quarter collapses and a forlorn field trip highlight the NFL Week 7 Recap.

  • 2018 NFL Week 6 Recap

    The NFL Week 6 Recap is all about Redskin redemption, Raider procreation, rap battles and video game speed.