Sarah Beth Hensley

Sarah Beth Hensley

Digital News Manager

Sarah Beth Hensley is digital news manager for WTOP.com. Previously, she was a senior digital editor for WTOP.com who helped with award-winning stories and coverage on the website. She has been with WTOP.com since 2013.

Sarah Beth, a northern Kentucky native, started her love for journalism in high school when she created her school’s first online newspaper. Since then she has embraced her passion for multi-platform storytelling, reporting and online journalism. 

Sarah Beth attended Ohio University where she studied journalism and Spanish.

Her time at the helm of Montgomery County’s Potomac Patch helped Sarah Beth gain steady footing covering D.C.-area schools, business developments and government. Also, it provided opportunities to grow using social media, video and multimedia to tell stories. Her later work at WCPO-TV in Cincinnati gave Sarah Beth more experience covering courts, breaking news and human-interest stories.

When she’s not at WTOP, you can find Sarah Beth running, traveling or walking her dog … just don’t ask to see a picture, she’ll show you tons!

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