• The Hunt: Major terror groups seek merger

    In the past week al-Qaida and the Taliban have each released new audio and video messages. A key theme that’s emerged is unity. Patrick Skinner, a former CIA case officer who is now director of…

  • Resentment topples Afghan peace talks

    WASHINGTON — The first round of peace talks in Pakistan, on July 7, may be the last in the near term. Scandal, infighting and explosive allegations have erupted, threatening to scuttle reconciliation and possibly ending…

  • Al Qaida’s Ayman al Zawahiri: Dead, duplicitous or oblivious?

    WASHINGTON — Ayman al Zawahiri, leader of Al Qaida Central (AQC), was duped, is part of a conspiracy, or died long ago according to his fellow terrorists and intelligence experts and officials around the globe. Those are…

  • No confirmation of Pakistani Taliban leader’s death

    J.J. Green, WTOP national security correspondent