• Hot weather can be silent killer to the sick, elderly

    WASHINGTON — Local emergency rooms are seeing an uptick in patients with heat-related health problems. Most of them are workers or athletes who spend too much time outside in the high temperatures and need to…

  • Howard County police: con-man may be preying on elderly

    A Virginia man has been arrested for scamming an elderly woman out of cash by bullying her and police say there could be more elderly victims of a scam based upon on intimidation. One man is in custody but another is still wanted by police.

  • Resources can help seniors avoid scams

    They\’re quick, they\’re clever and they\’re convincing. And they\’re targeting senior citizens. Scam artists are hard at work in our area.

  • Police warn of utility scam targeting seniors

    Fairfax County police are investigating a new scam targeting the county\’s older adults.