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New beverage line aimed at promoting relaxation

With all the anxiety in the world, how is anyone supposed to relax? A new line of drinks are promising to help people do just that.

Friday - 10/04/2013, 06:56am EDT

Tags: Joan Jones, relaxation drinks, Just Chill, Wall Street Journal

Sip in the sky: Some of D.C.'s best rooftop bars

Summer is almost here, and that means bars and restaurants are opening their rooftop decks. So take your cocktails outside and take in the summer air at one of these local hot spots.

Friday - 05/31/2013, 10:52am EDT

Tags: bars, restaurants, rooftop, outdoor, Alex Beall

Local beverage delivery companies fill gap for consumer drink demands

Heavy refill water jugs are a common sight on the doorsteps of many D.C. area homes and apartments. But some local businesses are taking drink deliveries a step further, catering to specialized tastes and customized requests.

Thursday - 04/25/2013, 09:11am EDT

Tags: Soda Y.O.D.A., Grape Crate, delivery, local businesses, Hoai-Tran Bui

Drink up: beverages to ward off flu

When it comes to warding off the flu, you can never have enough tips - especially with an epidemic on our hands.

Tuesday - 01/15/2013, 05:40am EST

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Drink like a man: what to avoid ordering

What you order at the bar can say a lot about you.

Monday - 01/07/2013, 08:14am EST

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College & Cook Recipe: White peach sangria

For a quick and easy New Year's drink, try white peach sangria.

Wednesday - 12/26/2012, 04:03pm EST

Tags: College and Cook, recipes, alcohol, New Years

Sip of sugar: Summer's empty calories

On hot summer days, the idea of a frosty beverage may sound good, but nutrition experts warn that most cold-blended drinks pack a ton of calories and sugar.

Friday - 06/29/2012, 01:20pm EDT

Tags: Anura Desai, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks Frappacino