• Thousands without power after Tuesday night’s rain

    WASHINGTON — Thousands of people are without power as Tuesday turned into Wednesday. As of 11 a.m. Wednesday: Dominion Power is reporting 1,000 outages, including 200 in Fairfax County and 300 in Loudoun County; Potomac Edison has 130 households…

  • Dominion Power: Power will return by late afternoon, evening

    WASHINGTON — Well, at least it’s getting light out. That’s the one consolation a beleaguered Chuck Penn, a spokesman for Dominion Power, was able to take in the situation in Northern Virginia on Wednesday morning,…

  • Thousands without power in Prince William Co.

    WASHINGTON — About 2,000 Dominion Virginia Power customers are without service in Prince William County. Dominion spokesman Dan Genest said a car accident on Grand Park Road in Dumfries, Virginia caused the outage around 2:30…

  • Hundreds without power; D.C. traffic lights affected

    WASHINGTON — The power is coming back on for most who lost it in Monday night’s storms, but a number remain, and some traffic lights in the District are out on Tuesday morning as well.…

  • Power back on in Prince George’s

    WASHINGTON — After a day that saw large areas of the District and Maryland lose electricity, about 1,600 people in Prince George’s County lost their power early Wednesday morning. The outage was resolved by 6:45…

  • More than 2,000 in Va. without power

    UPDATE 11:32 p.m. 2/9/2015: Dominion Power reports that the power is back on. EARLIER: WASHINGTON — About 2,300 people have lost power in Fairfax County on Monday night. Chuck Penn, of Dominion Power, says that…

  • Thousands in Va. without power

    UPDATE 2:15 a.m. 12/22/2014: Dominion Power is now reporting only 13 outages in Northern Virginia. EARLIER: WASHINGTON — Thousands of people in Prince William County are without power on Sunday night. Dominion Power is reporting…

  • Thousands in D.C. without power

    PEPCO says the outage, which began at about 9 p.m., is due to a problem at the Benning Road substation.

  • Thousands without power after Sunday storms

    WASHINGTON — Hundreds in the area are still without lights after Sunday night’s storms. About 1,000 Pepco customers are still without power in Montgomery County, as well as a handful in Prince George’s County. Dominion…

  • Thousands remain without power after Tuesday storms

    The threat of severe weather we dealt with Tuesday afternoon and night is over, but the storms left many in the region in the dark.

  • Storms leave thousands without power

    The storms that blew through the WTOP listening area Sunday night left thousands without power.

  • Power outages affect hundreds in region

    Hundreds of people in the area are without power and air conditioning
    across the D.C. area Thursday morning in the aftermath of a Wednesday night storm.

  • Power outages leave D.C. area residents in the dark

    The weather has knocked out power to many people in the region.

  • Storms cause power outages around the D.C. area

    Rain and gusty winds Tuesday evening led to power outages throughout
    the region Wednesday morning.

  • Power restored in D.C.

    Pepco says it\’s restored electricity to more than 2,200 Pepco customers in the District.