• The most- and least-healthy cereals

    Everyone\’s kitchen shelves seem to contain at least one box of
    cereal, and the grocery aisle is full of choices. But some of the most popular
    cereal brands fail to make the list of the healthiest.

  • Report: Children’s cereals pack a sugary punch

    Children\’s cereals contain too much sugar and can contribute as much as 10 pounds of sugar to a child\’s diet a year, according to a new report.

  • Tips for a healthy, filling breakfast

    Paul Kita of Men\’s Health magazine has advice on picking a healthy cereal and on the health benefits of different mix-ins.

  • Non-GMO Cheerios: What it means for consumers

    Original Cheerios made from non-GMO ingredients will soon appear on store shelves. Food expert Mary Beth Albright explains what all the fuss is about.