Listing your house or apartment on Airbnb? Know the rules

Ceramist and Airbnb host Jonathan Entler, left, and his Airbnb guest Megan Walsh, a Chicago writer on a summer internship, enjoy the afternoon in his Echo Park home in Los Angeles. Deeper savings can be had through sites such as Airbnb that arrange for people to rent out rooms, apartments or even couches. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

WASHINGTON — It seemed like a no-brainer. For one night in Paris, I could pay $300 a night for myself and four friends to stay in a “classic French apartment” — a tiny, yet charming, unit, complete with crown molding and floor-to-ceiling windows — just steps from the Notre Dame.

The other option was to book two hotel rooms, each $300 a night, in an area of the city that’s much farther from the charming caf

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