Dear wife: We need a Toyota GR86 sports car

Dear wife: We need a Toyota GR86 sports car

An open letter to my beloved, understanding and rational wife,

It know it’s important that we make smart financial decisions, especially as we try to save for the kids’ education, our retirement and unexpected expenses. One such smart decision would be to immediately buy Toyota’s little sports car, the GR86.

Wait, wait! I have a case here! I fully realize that I had to lean sideways to get in without hitting my head on the roof. But It’s pretty comfortable once I’m in there! And yes, it was squish city getting all four of us, plus child seats, inside. I know that our daughter kept asking you to “put the seat forward-er,” and that you also wanted a “!@#$% grabby thing!” when I banged through the gears.

But what fun we had zipping around together!

That trunk was surprisingly large, right? I’m sure it could swallow a couple of carry-on sized suitcases if we wanted to go away for the weekend. I know I’m always yammering on about the need for a spare tire, and while our test car didn’t have one, there was a spare tire indentation, so finding one to stow there must be possible.

Yes, it was noisy. But just because it occasionally sounded like we were living inside Keith Moon’s drum set doesn’t mean we should write it off. It’s a sports car, for goodness sake. You’re supposed to hear the tires, the exhaust, my giggling, etc.

Let’s talk quality. Toyota is ranked #2 in the J.D. Power 2024 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study. Yes, I know I told you this car is a joint venture with Subaru, and I pointed out that it even says “Subaru Corporation” on the door sill. So what if Subaru ranks just below the study average. Perhaps this model lands midway between Toyota and Subaru in terms of reliability. That’s still pretty good!

And while this lightweight curve-carver can certainly hold its own, it’s not some sort of overpowered abomination. Its 228 horsepower hits the sweet spot. It doesn’t even need a turbocharger to make that power, either. At 6.1 seconds to 60 miles per hour with the precise and notchy 6-speed manual, it’s still slower than many electric cars. So, safety.

Speaking of, it has some welcome goodies, including a pre-collision braking system with the manual transmission, which I’ve heard is pretty hard to rig up. It passes all of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s tests with flying colors (though, full disclosure, it hasn’t gone through the tougher, updated side test).

While I only got a little over 24 miles per gallon, I promise to go easier on the throttle if we can find room for it in the driveway.

Furthermore, this car’s shade of deep metallic blue is just perfect, and it’s punctuated by black wheels, bright red brake calipers, and, in this Premium trim, a sweet ducktail spoiler.

The kids at our daughter’s preschool ate this thing up at show and tell! We can’t disappoint small children, can we?

Remember, our daughter said, “I don’t want to give it back.” And our son, very uncreatively, added, “I don’t want to give it back.”

At $34,495, (including the excellent $1,500 performance package, featuring upgraded shocks and those brakes) this is a screaming deal. I’m sure I could make, and have made, much worse impulse purchases. Please consider/advise.

Love always,

Your completely reasonable husband

P.S. I’m not getting rid of any other cars. XOXOXO

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