Car Review: Cadillac CT5 is a more intriguing luxury car with tech and twin turbo power

The Cadillac CT5 is a stylish midsize luxury sedan that hides a powerful engine under the hood. (WTOP / Mike Parris)

The Cadillac CT5 is in a tough spot as a luxury sedan in a world of crossovers and SUVs. However, GM is investing in luxury sedans with a revised CT5 coming in 2025. The current CT5 adds more power and improved tech to make the sedan current for now.

Power in the Cadillac CT5 was always a bit of a letdown unless you splurged for the V series, which is a sporty version of the sedan. Now, if you just want a little more pep from your luxury ride, Cadillac offers the powerful twin turbo V6 in the other trim levels. I was floored at just how much more powerful this caddy is compared to the base four-cylinder engine. There’s no problem accelerating or keeping up with traffic. You can also have AWD, so all that power makes it to the ground and the handling is still a strong point of the CT5.

The ride is more luxurious than the sportier versions of the CT5 V-Series sedans and more forgiving on all types of roads thanks to smaller wheels and suspension tuning that’s softer.

Cadillac has also given the CT5 more technology with the available Super Cruise package that equips the luxury sedan with some self-driving capabilities on certain highways and larger roads. You will need to keep a subscription to OnStar to use this feature. The system works rather well with green lights on the steering wheel letting you know it’s doing the work when engaged.

Outside, the Cadillac CT5 is a handsome sedan with aggressive front-end styling, featuring a large grill and slender LED lighting clusters that catch your attention in the parking lot. The updated badge is front and center and seems to be supersized on the front end. The center of the hood has a large power bulge, and the side of the car has interesting lines, sculpted body panels and even coupe-like rear-end styling that draws and keeps your eyes when you see this car. It’s a shame you don’t see more of these sedans on the road!

The size inside might be a reason that limits this sharp-looking sedan’s popularity. It’s improved from previous versions of the Cadillac mid-size sedans, but it’s a bit less space than some of the competition. The heated and ventilated leather front seats are comfortable and good for the long haul. The dash and cockpit are improved from previous Cadillac models I’ve driven. However, there are some hard cheap looking plastics further down in the cabin and in the back seat area that aren’t up to the nearly $60,000 price tag.

The NAV and touch screen are easy to use, and the Bose system sounds clean. I think some Cadillac buyers will wish for knobs on the system, luckily there are knobs on the center console to handle some functions.

Cost: $42,195; as tested $59,045

MPG: 18 MPG City and 26 MPG Highway. I managed 22.2 mpg in 240 miles of mixed driving.

Options: $1,225 Radiant red tint coat; $6,940 Super Cruise 2 package; $3,500 3.0L Twin Turbo V6; $2,000 Drivetrain AWD; $1,790 parking package; $1,395 destination charge

Safety: HD rear vision camera; front & rear park assist; teen driver mode; performance traction management; automatic emergency braking; forward collision alert; safety seat alert; lane keep assist/lane departure warning; lane change alert/side blind zone alert; rear pedestrian alert; automatic park assist.

Things to know: Cadillac gives the CT5 a power lift with the optional twin turbo V6 and adds more tech with Super Cruise, which means the luxury sedan can handle some of the driving duties for you.


  • Much needed power boost for less sporty versions of the CT5
  • More advanced technology for a price that’s less than others in its class
  • Comfortable seats and ride make for a good long distance cruiser


  • The improved interior still is not as nice as it should be.
  • Rear seat legroom is lacking compared with some of the competition.
  • Fuel economy is less with optional engine.
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