Why the pandemic might be the best time to plan for the future

Ill infected woman checking thermometer having fever. Girl wearing protective mask while having cold, flu taking pills at home. Healthcare(Getty Images/iStockphoto/Maryviolet)

Studies have shown the coronavirus pandemic to be a source of skyrocketing stress this year for millions of Americans — but it could also be a unique opportunity to map out your future.

Bina Venkataraman, author of The Optimist Telescope, says the pandemic has placed Americans under incredible stress. But we need to recognize the moment as temporary instead of infinite, and it shouldn’t stop a plan for the future.

“In this kind of time of anxiety and stress, it’s important not just to be thinking about next month,” Venkataraman. “It’ll help you see this time in your life as more of a short chapter in the context of a longer thread of time.”

It is understandable to lose sight of long-term goals when dealing with a public health crisis. Venkataraman however, says a time of disruption and crisis is exactly the time to invest in the future.

“It might feel like the most antithetical thing to do when there’s a near term crisis,” she said. “If you just end up trying to survive, it’s understandable, but even amid this crisis, reinvent yourself or create something new.”

So how do you plan for the future during a pandemic? The author believes defining a vision is a crucial first step.

Venkataraman said thinking ahead, and investing in decisions that are beneficial over time instead of seeking instant gratification, will help with stagnation.

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