• Marijuana advocates say D.C. needs dispensaries

    D.C. is seen as a fairly progressive city because it allows recreational marijuana use. Advocates say the nation’s capital now needs dispensaries.

  • D.C. mayor bestows ‘420’ plate on marijuana reform leader

    WASHINGTON — Custom license plates can say a lot about a person. The man who led the charge for legalizing marijuana in D.C. is about to get a fitting one. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office has…

  • Weed in D.C. — what’s legal, what’s not

    WASHINGTON — As of 12:01 a.m. Thursday, marijuana became legal in the District of Columbia. Here’s information provided by the D.C. Government on what is legal and illegal under Initiative 71 — the ballot initiative…

  • Public perception of drugged driving skewed

    WASHINGTON — Public perception about drugged driving isn’t keeping pace with the growing number of states legalizing marijuana. AAA Mid-Atlantic believes too many people fail to respect the gravity and potential danger of drugged driving. “Eighty-five percent…

  • Keeping kids away from pot brownies

    It is an unintended consequence for the states that have legalized pot: More children showing up in emergency rooms. But it\’s not for
    smoking pot — it\’s eating it.

  • Pot decriminalization critics start awareness campaign in D.C.

    The battle over the District\’s law to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana has a new front, with the proposal of a local campaign that may ebb criticism from some House Republicans.

  • D.C. pushes to decriminalize marijuana

    A majority of D.C. City Council members and Mayor Vince Gray support removing local criminal penalties for marijuana possession, and that could lead to hundreds fewer arrests each year.

  • Bill would decriminalize weed in D.C.

    Under a new bill in the D.C. Council, getting caught with less than an ounce of marijuana in the nation\’s capital would no longer be a crime.

  • Hacked sign tells drivers to ‘smoke weed’

    Commuters on Kensington Parkway near Beach Drive may have been
    surprised Wednesday morning when they passed a digitized road sign instructing
    them to \”Smoke Weed Evryday.\”

  • One-stop marijuana shop set to open in D.C.

    A new superstore is set to open in D.C., and it has a very specific clientele: Growers of medical marijuana.