• Military aircraft to fly over D.C. area for NORAD exercise

    WASHINGTON — Don’t be alarmed if you hear or see military aircraft overhead Tuesday night into Wednesday morning — it is just part of an aerospace exercise in the D.C. area. The North American Aerospace…

  • Gyrocopter not detected by U.S. air security agencies

    WASHINGTON – A man who flew across the National Mall and landed a gyrocopter on the front lawn of the U.S. Capitol Wednesday was not detected by the federal authorities charged with enforcing the secure…

  • NORAD to hold 2 nights of exercises

    WASHINGTON — If you hear something in the night skies above the D.C. area this week, rest easy — if it’s not too loud. NORAD — the North American Aerospace Defense Command — is conducting…

  • NORAD conducting training exercise in DC area

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The North American Aerospace Defense Command is conducting a training exercise over the Washington area. NORAD says area residents can expect flights from Tuesday night through Friday morning. The flights are scheduled…

  • Army: No video planned on Md. surveillance blimps

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Army says it won’t install high-powered video cameras on two blimp-like surveillance aircraft that will start hovering above suburban Baltimore in December. Maj. Beth Smith of the North American Aerospace Defense…

  • NORAD conducting exercises in D.C. area

    The North American Aerospace Defense Command is conducting exercise in the National Capital Region until 5:30 a.m.

  • NORAD holds training exercises in D.C. area

    If you heard jets in the sky in the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday in the area, you weren\’t imagining it — but it\’s nothing to worry about, either.

  • NORAD plans nighttime air training

    The North American Aerospace Defense Command, better known as NORAD, will conduct the flight training beginning late Tuesday night.

  • NORAD holding security exercises early Tuesday morning

    Residents in the Capitol region may see and hear loud aircraft, including helicopters and fighter jets in the area as NORAD conducts exercises beginning early Tuesday.

  • NORAD scrambled jets after flight declares emergency

    The North American Aerospace Defense Command
    scrambled fighter jets Thursday night after an
    unruly passengers on a United Airlines flight
    from Denver forced the flight crew to declare an

  • NORAD flights scheduled for Thursday morning

    Military training flights that were scheduled for Wednesday morning, May 23 have been rescheduled for the morning of May 24 in the D.C. area.