• Some Md. drivers will face longer wait for permits, licences

    Starting next month, learner\’s permits won\’t be handed out at the Maryland Motor
    Vehicle Administration\’s satellite offices. Instead, new drivers will have to wait for their learner\’s permits to arrive in
    the mail.

  • Immigrants illegally living in Md. can begin applying for driver’s license

    D.C.\’s Council has voted to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver\’s licenses, Maryland already passed a similar law that goes into effect in January.

  • D.C. proposal would let illegal immigrants get driver’s licenses

    Illegal immigrants will be able to take driver tests and get driver\’s licenses under a plan headed for a final D.C. Council vote Tuesday, but not everyone who could benefit is happy about the proposal.

  • Md. MVA proposes 8-year licenses

    The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration proposed a change that would mean Maryland drivers would keep their driver\’s licenses three years longer. The proposal raises concerns about older drivers.