Tired tips: Don’t dwell on exhaustion

WASHINGTON – Some people will spend the weekend catching up on sleep because they feel beat during the week. But there are other strategies to boost energy.

Not dwelling on that exhausted feeling is one trick to feeling alert.

Regardless of how they actually slept, a study detailed in Reader’s Digest shows people performed better or worse on cognitive and attention tests based on how they were told they slept.

Other suggestions and studies gathered by Reader’s Digest involve fighting fatigue with physical activity.

Alternating between physical and mental activity might help people feel more alert. Taking a break from concentrating at a desk by stretching or walking outside is one option. Getting outside adds the benefit of sun exposure which helps stimulate a natural urge to feel more awake.

Food can either help of exacerbate fatigue.

Eating fatty and sweet foods can cause energy spikes and crashes. A better bet for tired bodies is a mix of protein and complex carbohydrates such as fruit over oatmeal.

Even though some people drink extra coffee to help recover from a poor night’s sleep, the Readers Digest article suggests limiting caffeine after lunch. It has a half life of eight to ten hours and could interfere with sleep.

For more information, visit Reader’s Digest.

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