Kristi King

Kristi King joined WTOP in 1990 as a traffic reporter. She spent her days driving
around D.C. while providing live traffic reports six times an hour.

Although this was exciting, Kristi was eager to move into the newsroom. She caught
her big break at the start of the first Gulf War, after just five months of traffic

Prior to Kristi’s move to Washington, she worked as a news and traffic reporter for
WOKV in Jacksonville, Florida.

Kristi enjoys volunteerism and can often be seen reporting live from WTOP community
events. She has also been a volunteer reader with The Metropolitan Washington Ear
since Nov. 1997, helping serve the blind, visually impaired, and physically disabled
people who cannot effectively read print.

Kristi is now considered a WTOP veteran having over 20 years of experience in the
WTOP Newsroom.

You can email Kristi at
or follow her on Twitter @kingWTOP.

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