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Parental affection may have an effect on kids’ weight

A new study examining the effects of spanking could change how some parents approach discipline. (Thinkstock)

WASHINGTON — The American Heart Association says that nearly one of every three American children is overweight. And parents’ affection may have a role in the child’s weight, according to a new study.

A study of 40,000 kids by McGill University says that authoritarian parents — who demand a lot from their 6- to 11-year-olds but don’t show much affection — are 37 percent more likely to have obese kids, according to LiveScience.

Authoritative parents — who set limits but also are affectionate and responsive to their kids’ emotions — have a better chance of having healthier kids.

Researchers say that the study illustrates that a balance of affection and limits may be healthier for your kid.

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