Lost phone? It’s probably in Philadelphia

A collection of misplaced phones at Santa Barbara City College\'s Lost and Found. (Courtesy of Santa Barbara Community College)

WASHINGTON – Lost phones are costing U.S. consumers billions of dollars annually.

Mobile security company Lookout finds that the average consumer loses his or her cellphone once a year, and it costs about $250 to replace.

However, if a phone is lost, Lookout says there is a good chance it’s at the grocery store, a fast food restaurant, the office, church or a coffee shop.

Two-thirds of people lose their phones between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Surprisingly, there’s also a trend as to which U.S. cities people tend to lose their phones in. Newark, N.J., Long Beach, Calif., Oakland, Calif. and Seattle all topped the list. Philadelphia, however, came in at No. 1.

But those living in Manchester, England lose their phones more than anybody else.

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