Beer of the Week: Mad Elf Ale

WASHINGTON – Sing it with us: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year… With the kids jingle-belling and brewers all crafting great holiday beeeeeeeers….”

OK, maybe it’s just us singing that tune, but this month, the last part rings true.

Every Friday this month, WTOP will be talking with Greg Engert, beer director for Churchkey, about a number of great beers to pair with your festive events for the holidays.

If there is anyone who can give you the inside info on holiday (or pretty much any) beers, it’s Engert. In 2010, Engert was named one of its “Sommeliers of the Year” by Food & Wine Magazine, the first time the publication has ever selected a beer professional for this prize.

This week, Engert picked one of the most popular Christmas beers that is produced in the area. Watch below as WTOP’s Brennan Haselton discusses Mad Elf Ale from Troegs Brewing Company.

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