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  • 2018 NFL Conference Championship Recap

    Controversial calls, crazy bounces, a youth movement and a historic amount of free football. The NFL Conference Championship Recap might be the best of the 2018 season.

  • Column: NFL’s coaching hires reflect a disturbing trend

    The Sean McVay Effect is real — and it’s only the latest in a long line of reasons NFL owners are passing on qualified minority coaches, says Rob Woodfork.

  • 2018 NFL Divisional Round Recap

    A high school reunion, a virtual certainty, friendly fire and the destruction of conventional wisdom headline the NFL Divisional Round Recap.

  • 2018 NFL Wild Card Recap

    Shutdown defense, ricochet kicks, Foles’ magic and underdog victors highlight a Wild Card Recap of a wild first week of the playoffs.

  • 2018 NFL predictions revisited

    Remember Rob Woodfork’s preseason NFL predictions? Well, he’s ready to cop to what he got wrong and do a little strutting over what he got right in the NFL Week 17 Wrap.

  • 2018 NFL Week 17 Recap

    Seasons end with a whimper, statements are made in clinchers and beloved veterans go out on a high note. The NFL Week 17 Recap makes sure to touch on all 32 teams to end the 2018 regular season.

  • 2018 NFL Week 16 Recap

    Rudolph saves the day, St. Nick comes to play and Christmas cheer is stolen in a special NFL Week 16 Recap delivered just in time for the holidays.

  • Column: Will the Raiders’ finale be fiasco or relief?

    The Oakland Raiders are about to play their final home game at Oakland Coliseum in primetime. Will it be a fond farewell or a Black Hole hellscape? Rob Woodfork asks a pair of lifelong fans in the NFL Week 16 Wrap.

  • Column: Is the Patriots dynasty over?

    The New England Patriots didn’t just lose a close game to a struggling opponent they usually beat Sunday, they lost whatever was left of their mystique. Rob Woodfork said in the NFL Week 15 Wrap, the NFL’s greatest dynasty is coming to an abrupt close.

  • 2018 NFL Week 15 Recap

    Sack parties, shutouts, a trip to Disneyland and an ugly Christmas sweater — a perfect NFL Week 15 Recap for the holiday season.

  • Column: Redskins unwittingly prove Kaepernick’s worth

    Colin Kaepernick would be a good fit in Washington — and everything that happened Sunday proved it, says Rob Woodfork in the NFL Week 14 Wrap.

  • 2018 NFL Week 14 Recap

    Prime pairings, a South Beach stunner, a West Coast waste and a helluva name for a band. The NFL Week 14 Recap has all this and more.

  • Column: The NFL’s broken system is endangering women

    The Kareem Hunt incident is the latest example of the NFL not taking domestic violence seriously, only the public outcry it generates. This has a domino effect that creates a less safe environment for women, says Rob Woodfork in the NFL Week 13 Wrap.

  • 2018 NFL Week 13 Recap

    Revisionist history, RG3’s return, strong family ties and a historic firing highlight the NFL Week 13 Recap.

  • Column: NFL’s passing fancy has changed the game

    In the NFL’s golden age of passing and scoring, nearly two-thirds of the teams in the league have a solid option at quarterback. This could make for a paradigm shift in the NFL, Rob Woodfork muses in the NFL Week 12 Wrap.