To board or not to board

This content is written by Becca Jurney, resort manager at Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital.

The holidays are just around the corner. Is your family traveling? Having friends over? How is your fur baby with travel and strangers? Have you arranged for your fur baby to be cared for while you are away or entertaining? 
The holidays can be stressful from travel plans to having friends and family over to even finding the proper care for your pet. Many options exist, but knowing what’s best for your pet can be tricky. Every pet is different and deals with certain situations in different ways. Some pets thrive in a group setting, and some thrive on being alone. 
For some pets, boarding is the best option. Boarding facilities are excellent for pets who love to be around other people and pets or do not like strangers coming into their homes. Boarding can help socialize your pet with the outside world, as well as other dogs, while being in a controlled environment. And it could also help with separation anxiety.
Some boarding facilities offer daycare to those dogs who love to play with other dogs with trained staff to ensure safety and help them get socialization that can help with walks in the neighborhood, vet visits, and or future boarding stays. For those who don’t play well with others but love people, some places offer one-on-one playtimes with a trained staff member. Pets with severe health concerns can even board with a vet hospital that offers medical boarding, where they are constantly monitored by doctors and techs trained to care for sick pets. 
The staff at Rocky Gorge Resort & Spa is trained to care for and watch pets with various needs. We even have staff that are fully trained to administer medications safely.
In-home pet sitting is great for those pets who don’t like being in a group setting or get overly stressed with change and loud noises.
Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital’s Resort & Spa would be happy to schedule a tour of our boarding and doggy daycare areas. Call us at 301-575-5700 to arrange a time to stop by. We have veterinarians in the building 24/7, 365 days a year, and webcams in most areas for you to be able to watch your pet.
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