Oscar Rewrite: 1955


Best Picture: Marty    Pather Panchali

The crown jewel of Bollywood’s Golden Age, this debut by Bengali filmmaker Satyajit Ray not only launched the Apu Trilogy (1955-1959), it changed the world by putting Indian cinema on the map. It’s safe to say there would be no Slumdog Millionaire (2008) or Life of Pi (2012) without this one.

Best Director: Delbert Mann (Marty)   Charles Laughton (The Night of the Hunter)

Best Actor: Ernest Borgnine (Marty)   James Dean (Rebel Without a Cause / East of Eden)

Best Actress: Anna Magnani (The Rose Tattoo)   Marilyn Monroe (The Seven Year Itch)

Best Supporting Actor: Jack Lemmon (Mister Roberts)  Preben Lerdorff Rye (Ordet)

Based on a play by Kaj Munk, director Carl Theodore Dreyer directed this tale of faith and doubt set in on a Danish farm in 1925. A father has three sons: Mikkel, a good-hearted agnostic whose wife Inger is pregnant, Anders, who’s in love with the tailor’s daughter and Johannes, who believes he is Jesus. The lattermost gets our Oscar for a mindblowing performance.

Best Supporting Actress: Jo Van Fleet (East of Eden) Natalie Wood (Rebel Without a Cause)

Best Original Screenplay: Marty (Paddy Chayefsky)

Best Adapted Screenplay: Interrupted Melody Diabolique