Washington Monument to be covered in fabric, lights

Fireworks explode above the Washington Monument as hundreds of thousands of spectators attend the millennium celebration on the mall in Washington, D.C., January 1, 2000. The Washington Monument is currently undergoing restoration and is encased in a metal scaffolding shell. Fireworks were placed on the scaffolding for the lighting effect. (Photo by Jamal A. Wilson via Getty Images)

WASHINGTON – What do you do when one of the great monuments to democracy, one of the most important landmarks in the District of Columbia, is encased in unsightly wood and metal scaffolding?

You make it sparkle.

Washington Magazine and DCist report that scaffolding, which will reach the very top of the 555-foot- tall obelisk within a couple of weeks, will be covered in fabric and lights.

A similar presentation was done when the monument underwent its last repair job in 1999 and 2000.

Stone masons must repair the cracks in the monument caused by the 2011 earthquake. So while the tallest building in Washington is getting repairs, it will add a little pizzazz to the night skyline.

The lights are scheduled to be turned on in June.

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