Tax data shows D.C. is the place for singles with no kids

WASHINGTON – The nation’s capital has long been a place that attracts young professionals. Now, information from local income tax data provides some specifics, with a snapshot of the different types of families across D.C. neighborhoods.

“What we found was that childless singles dominate the city,” says Ginger Moored, a fiscal analyst for the office of D.C.’s chief financial officer.

The analysis looked at 2012 data.

“The only place where this really wasn’t true was east of the Anacostia River,” she says. “There the most common household type were singles with dependents.”

Singles–defined as unmarried people–without kids were especially concentrated in downtown neighborhoods, such as Logan Circle, Dupont Circle, U Street and Shaw.

Married people make up a much smaller percentage of the tax base. Upper Northwest is the most common area for married couples, with and without children.

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