• Flaws in Medicare prescription oversight

    The 10-year-old Medicare prescription drug benefit is popular with seniors, but there\’s an apparent downside.

  • Medicare scam hits Virginia residents

    It\’s the time of year when seniors are being
    asked to reevaluate Medicare and drug program
    plans. The crooks have picked up on this and
    are now targeting some seniors, calling and
    threatening to have benefits cut-off if they
    don\’t provide information such as bank account

  • Identity thieves pose as government workers

    Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler warns
    people not to give out their personal information
    over the phone.

  • Medicare cracks down on wheelchair fraud

    The number of scooters and powered wheelchairs is on the rise as baby boomers get older, and Medicare is closely watching how people are getting them.

  • Frederick looks to help retirees

    Three aldermen are moving ahead with a plan to help the city\’s Medicare-eligible retirees pay for some hospitalizations through December.