• Regional council wants WMATA to appear after Monday incident

    WASHINGTON — The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments is calling on Metro to brief lawmakers throughout the region about the policies and procedures in place to respond in emergencies like Monday. Montgomery County Councilman Roger…

  • Study: As D.C. congestion increases, carpools to pick up slack

    A Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments study finds that more commuters will carpool to work because traffic is projected to increase 70 percent by 2040. But transportation officials argue a more robust Metro system could help mitigate the traffic.

  • Idling Montgomery Co. drivers caught violating bus policy (Video)

    A county bus depot in Silver Spring has been rattling nearby homes and emanating a perpetual rumbling sound, raising questions from residents about whether it is necessary.

  • COG tells Verizon how to strengthen 911 service

    Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments voted Wednesday on a plant aimed at improving Verizon\’s delivery of 911 emergency phone service and prevent future outages like Northern Virginia experienced during last summer\’s Derecho.

  • Region not ready for impact of federal budget cuts

    Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments report paints a grim picture for the region\’s economy if automatic, across-the-board cuts to the federal budget take effect in January. COG says better urban planning and promoting the region\’s diverse economy will will help offset the potential loss of jobs.

  • D.C. region’s water supply secure despite hot, dry summer

    While the Potomac River\’s water supply remains
    robust, residents just outside of the metro area
    could see water restrictions.

  • Funding transportation: Gas tax vs. tolls

    A new report says the easiest way to raise more money to fix crumbling roads and bridges and aging transit systems is to make drivers pay at the pump.