Arlington Pet of the Week: Atlas

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Our Arlington Pet of the Week this week is Atlas, a 5-year-old miniature goldendoodle described by owner Michaela Hackner as “pretty much the mayor of Arlington.”

Atlas’s larger-than-life personality seems to match his name, if not his stature. Hackner writes:

Not a stranger to fame, Atlas is a 5 year-old, miniature goldendoodle that is pretty much the mayor of Arlington. He can be seen walking with his owner Michaela several times a day, all over the Clarendon and Courthouse neighborhoods. When he’s not watching over the city from his perch at the window, he’s partying at WOOF’s doggy daycare and living it up with his many human friends. He loves playing in fountains, drinking from water fountains, and sniffing out water bowls along the way – but don’t think that he enjoys swimming, he hates getting wet because it makes him look like a drowned rat (which is so uncool)!

People stop him wherever he goes due to his winning personality and happy gait. He can frequently be seen grinning from ear to ear, or acting snarky when the wind is blowing in the wrong direction. He used to be a regular Facebook junkie, but mom took away his iPhone after he ate through one of the silicon cases. He’s also well known for his patented “ninja spin” and expertise in devouring “street morsels”, which are pretty commonly found after a big night in the ARL. (He’d like to ask all readers to leave more pizza on the ground so that he has a chance of snagging some on his morning walk!)

The Arlington Pet of the Week is sponsored by Dogma Bakery, which has locations at The Village at Shirlington (2772 S. Arlington Mill Drive) and the Lee Harrison Shopping Center (2445 N. Harrison Street).

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