Living in Style: Vacation getaway outfits

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WASHINGTON – If you’re one of the lucky ones heading to the beach for the holidays, there are a few key pieces you don’t want to leave in your closet.

Lisa Tumbarello, from the personal stylist group Style for Hire, offers style tips for travelers going some place warm.

WTOP met Lisa at Tommy Bahama at Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, Md. where she showed us the best swim suits, versatile dresses and beach accessories for your vacation getaway.

Check out the photo gallery for outfit ideas and read Lisa’s travel fashion tips below.

Don’t travel in sweats.

Save room in your suitcase and wear your jeans or jacket on the plane.

Pack a printed, colorful scarf.

You can take that scarf and do all kinds of things with it: use it as a sarong or simply wrap it around your neck for a breezy look at the beach.

Have fun with the colors, Lisa says. Pick a pattern or hue that is appropriate for the destination you are traveling to.

Jackets aren’t only for cold weather.

A lightweight jacket can be thrown over a swimsuit or worn for a late-night walk on the beach.

“It packs easily too,” Lisa says. “If you don’t wind up needing it for the return trip home…just roll it up and pack it away.”

No need to splurge on a new wardrobe.

You certainly don’t want to invest in a whole separate wardrobe for one trip. (Save that money for shopping when you get there!) Lisa’s advice: Buy clothing you can wear anytime.

“You want these pieces to fit into your everyday life,” Lisa says. “So having a neutral khaki overcoat with a nice cinched waist is something that you will use going to the grocery store, to pick up the kids…it will be a workhorse piece in your wardrobe.”

Please, use sunscreen!

Sunscreen is always important. If you’ve been cooped inside the past few months and feel like you need a little color, use self-tanner or hit the spray tan booth before you go to the beach, Lisa suggests.

And now is the time to wear that wide-brimmed straw hat — it keeps the sun out of your face and is a great accessory.

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