Pediatricians discourage trampoline use

Families need to be aware that current trampolines have shorter warranties than in the past. (AP)

Andrew Mollenbeck, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – Pediatricians want to see the family trampoline get bounced.

An updated report from the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommends kids stay off trampolines at home.

The report notes trampoline injuries have fallen since 2004, but nearly 100,000 emergency room visits still come after a bad hop on the springy mat.

Most trampoline injuries occur when multiple jumpers are on a trampoline, increasing the risk to the smallest participants. Children 5 and under are at increased risk of fractures and dislocations, the report concludes.

“Families need to know that many injuries occur on the mat itself, and current data do not appear to demonstrate that netting or padding significantly decrease the risk of injury,” Michele LaBotz, co-author of the updated policy, says in a release.

Among the other recommendations:

  • Failed attempts at somersaults and flips frequently cause cervical spine injuries, resulting in permanent and devastating consequences.
  • Homeowners with trampolines should verify that their insurance covers trampoline injury-related claims.
  • Trampolines used for a structured sports training program should always have appropriate supervision, coaching and safety measures in place.

Read the full report.

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