Monster burger is free, if you can finish the meal

Lohr\'s Family Restaurant\'s monster burger challenge pits patrons against a burger comprised of five half-pound patties, ten strips of bacon, five slices of cheese, and the standard fixings. Challengers must finish the entire burger, plus two sides, in 30 minutes to earn a free meal. (Frederick News-Post/Graham Cullen)

FREDERICK, Md. – Here’s a challenge. Eat a burger meal in 30 minutes and your meal is free at Lohr’s Family Restaurant in Frederick.

Catch: The burger includes five half-pound burger patties, with 10 strips of bacon and five slices of cheese.

It has two buns, a few lettuce leaves, a couple slices of tomato and onion and mayonnaise.

And there are two side dishes.

You have to eat all of it for the free meal.

“Everybody has different strategies,” Lohr’s General Manager David Jones Jr. tells the Frederick News-Post about eating the huge burger.

So far, seven customers have managed to wolf down the $18.99 meal in the 30 minutes, eating every last thing on their plates.

Another 18 people have tried and failed, according to the restaurant’s scoreboard.

Jones tells WTOP nobody has gotten sick at the table after failing the challenge.

No women have tried the challenge.

A teenager holds the record for gulping the meal down in 15 minutes — and then chasing it with a piece of red velvet cake. Show-off.

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