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Study finds people check email an average of 74 times daily

A lot of people feel pressure to check their email even when they're not at work or on vacation.

Thursday - 06/19/2014, 07:36am EDT

Tags: Wall Street Journal, cellphone, work, emails,

10 tips for managing your email better, faster, smarter

If managing email seems to be taking more of your time than ever before, it's not your imagination.

Thursday - 05/08/2014, 10:52am EDT


How to stop using your email inbox as a to-do list in 3 easy steps

When email made its appearance, it did not come with an owner's manual explaining how or when to use it. As a result, some of the habits formed using this amazing tool have been anti-productive ones, including using the inbox as a Virtual To-Do List.

Wednesday - 04/09/2014, 06:32pm EDT

Tags: productivity

Multiple identities: the key to email security

After some Yahoo email addresses and passwords were stolen, it's a good time to make some security changes to your email account even if you're not a Yahoo mail user.

Tuesday - 02/04/2014, 04:41am EST

Tags: Michelle Basch, cyber security, passwords,

Who is the rudest in business meetings?

A new study shows a marked division of what is considered appropriate mobile phone behavior during business meetings.

Tuesday - 11/12/2013, 08:12pm EST

Tags: Business Communication Quarterly, rude, texting,

Congressional phones, emails go dark because of furloughed staffers

When national events spiral out of control, it is not uncommon for people to reach out to their member of Congress. But good luck with that during the government shutdown.

Tuesday - 10/08/2013, 07:02am EDT

Tags: shutdown, Congress, dick uliano, government shutdown

D.C. court rules on police chief's email account

An appeals court says District of Columbia Police Chief Cathy Lanier doesn't have to reveal the names of officer who sent emails to a special account she used.

Friday - 09/13/2013, 06:24pm EDT

Tags: Cathy Lanier, police chief,

Google privacy issues at center of legal debate

Google is under fire about whether email is private.

Wednesday - 08/14/2013, 04:48pm EDT

Tags: gmail, Google, privacy

Emails, texts may not be as important as you think

The chirp of your email may be distracting you more than you realize.

Friday - 12/14/2012, 06:49am EST

Tags: Andrew Mollenbeck, BerylHealth,

Study: Email taken away, stress lower

Researchers with the U.S. Army and the University of California at Irvine used heart rate monitors and other sensors to track two groups of office workers -- one with email and the other without email.

Tuesday - 08/14/2012, 09:43am EDT

Tags: University of California at Irvine, stress,

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