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Is cancer on the grill this weekend?

Friday - 8/9/2013, 6:27am  ET

Charred food can be a cancer risk. (WTOP file)

WASHINGTON - Not to rain on your parade, but a danger may be lurking in your outdoor plans for the weekend.

It's your grill, and if you're not careful how you cook food, there could be a greater cancer risk.

Debra Kotz, health blogger for The Boston Globe, says the risk comes "when you have blackened meat, blackened chicken ... but also blackened vegetables."

She says that while, yes, they taste great, grilling especially fatty meats is the most troublesome because they're the ones that cause "flare-ups" that char the food. That's what the American Cancer Society says invites carcinogens into the body.

"Turn the heat down a little bit and cook it at a lower temperature over a longer period so you're not burning the food," says Kotz.

Or she suggests trying another method.

"Cook it in your oven a little bit, and then put it on the grill at a later stage so that it cooks most of the way through and you're just grilling it at the very end," Kotz says.

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