SEE IT: Ryan Fitzpatrick gets a cicada stuck in his beard

SEE IT: Ryan Fitzpatrick gets a cicada stuck in his beard originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington


In Ashburn, Va., this June there are two things out in full force: Ryan Fitzpatrick’s magnificent beard and millions and millions of cicadas.

On Wednesday at Washington Football Team minicamp the two combined to create an image that might as well be the poster that encapsulates this time in the DMV.

With Brood X upon the entire area and cicadas flying wherever they want and into whatever they want — and Fitzpatrick’s beard acting as a perfect netting — it does seem like it was only a matter of time before one found its way onto the quarterback. Looking at what happened, there are some important things that need to be broken down on both sides.

For Fitzpatrick, it’s incredible how calm he is at this moment. Cicadas are harmless, but they’re also big, ugly, make horrifying sounds and randomly ram into you without any notice. Freaking out isn’t crazy, it’s normal in a situation like this.

His ability to act as if nothing is going on is quite impressive and bodes well for him remaining calm in the pocket when defenders are trying to take him down.

As for the cicada, it’s worth wondering if a trip into Fitzpatrick’s beard may make it too powerfulNo one knows what powers lie within that thick set of facial hair, but it’s clear it has played a role in creating FitzMagic. Like when Peter Parker was bit by a radioactive spider, there’s a chance this bug may absorb some of the magic. That is a scary thought.

Even though a viral photo of Fitzpatrick on Tuesday was quite eye-popping, this one may take the cake. When someone asks what June of 2021 was like and how Brood X went, they can just show them this video.

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