Park workers clear path to man’s daily devotions for late wife

WASHINGTON — Two park workers who saw an obstacle between a local Wisconsin man and his daily devotion to his wife, who died last year, jumped into action and did something about it.

According to CBS affiliate  WDJT in Milwaukee, Bud Caldwell, 82, walks to a park bench in Fond du Lac that he dedicated to his late wife, Betty. He  leaves her one penny and one daisy in honor of their favorite songs, “Pennies from Heaven” and “Daisy a Day.”

He told reporters that it was the best time of his day.

But Mother Nature stepped in and threw snow in his way — literally, he could not get to the bench.

According to the story, which has since gone viral, he did not want to risk falling, so he sat in his car and talked to Betty instead. The sight caught the attention of park workers Jerrod Ebert and Kevin Schultz, who knew his routine. So they cleared a path.

“We have to make sure he can get to his bench and talk to his wife,” Ebert said.

Caldwell was touched .”Two young men did such a nice thing for one old man,” Caldwell told WDJT.

He said that Ebert and Schultz have vowed to keep the path clear all winter for him.


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