• How the YMCA is helping families in DC’s Wards 7 and 8

    The food system is complicated. Many families living in DC’s Wards 7 and 8 lack consistent access to affordable, healthy food. These communities suffer from the highest rates of obesity, diabetes and food insecurity.  Meanwhile, the family farms producing these healthy foods struggle to reach these markets and make ends meet. Both communities deserve better.

  • A day in the life with prediabetes

    Joan Ricevuto’s journey began when she realized she was at risk for diabetes because of her weight. Since she didn’t want to have diabetes, she enrolled in the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program.

  • YMCA to launch diabetes prevention program

    This content is sponsored by YMCA DC Have you been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and want to make a positive change in your health? The YMCA is launching new classes this Fall/Winter of 2017 in Silver…

  • Reframing New Year’s resolutions can lead to success

    By reframing resolutions and breaking them down into smaller, easy-to-sustain goals you’ll see big benefits in the long run.