Life After the Military


  • How to transition from military to civilian life with confidence

    It’s common for veterans to look at their life, post-military discharge, with uncertainty or even fear. In the military, your career was defined by its rules, clearly-spelled-out protocol and expectations. And when you enter the civilian workforce, all that changes. How do you get a civilian job? How can you do it well?

  • How to best use the GI Bill

    The GI Bill has been used to train and educate servicemen and servicewomen in the United States for more than 70 years. If you are recently out of the military and looking for the best way to fund your education, here are some tips to help you spend that money wisely and well.

  • Fun military freebies and deals

    If your summer vacation plans include sightseeing around D.C., don’t forget your military ID. That card will be the golden ticket to discounts and freebies all over the District.

  • How to find housing after the military

    Buying a home can be overwhelming for anyone, but when you’re leaving the military, you may have some growing pains. You move from the sameness of military-owned housing into all the variables of the housing market. So, where do you start if you’re leaving the military and buying your first home at the same time?

  • How to help someone recently out of the military

    If you are retired from the military, you know how difficult it can be to transition to civilian life. You go from a highly structured environment to a fluid workforce where many decisions are left up to you.