How to Get the Most Value Out of FuboTV

Originally positioned as the streaming home for cord-cutting soccer fans, FuboTV has since become a more well-rounded streaming service. The service now offers plenty of live and on-demand content for any TV subscriber, with popular live channels such as CNN, HGTV, History and FX among its channel lineups. Subscribers can choose from four basic packages:

— Fubo: $45 a month, 80 channels.

— Fubo Extra: $50 a month, more than 95 channels.

— Fubo Latino: $18 a month, more than 15 channels.

— Fubo Portuguese: $20 a month, five channels.

This service’s live channels provide real-time content for viewers hoping to catch the current soccer game or network drama, but there are many more ways to enhance your viewing experience. Read on to find out how to get the most value out of FuboTV.

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Choose Your Own Viewing Schedule

Even if you can’t watch every program as it airs, FuboTV helps you keep up-to-date on your content. First, the service’s included digital video recorder allows you to record live shows to play back on your own time. It only includes 30 hours of recording time, which isn’t much beyond keeping a few programs for catching up, but you can upgrade to 500 hours for an additional $10 a month. Still, even without the upgrade, those 30 hours can help you make sure you never miss a moment of your favorite programs.

Beyond its DVR, FuboTV offers a three-day replay option for most programs, including games and shows, which allows you to replay them for up to three days after they air. This feature can save you if you forget to record something in advance, and it serves as a great supplement to the otherwise sparse DVR storage

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Watch on Multiple Screens

If you have other TV fans in your household, you might be familiar with fighting over the remote. To solve this problem, FuboTV’s basic packages come with two simultaneous streams, so you can let the kids watch cartoons during the big match. If two aren’t enough, you can add Family Share, which gives you three simultaneous streams for $6 a month.

Tune Into Specialty Programming With Add-ons

One thing that attracts cord-cutters to streaming services is the flexibility to choose their own content and pay for only what they need. FuboTV is a great example of this model, with optional packages available to add to your basic service. These add-ons are especially useful for fans of international sports, but subscribers will also find entertainment and outdoors-themed packages available in the lineup.

Different add-ons cost different amounts, so if you’re looking to watch your subscription cost, pay attention to how much your selection adds to your bill, but if you stick to the necessities, you’ll be able to get what you want without emptying your wallet.

FuboTV offers a list of available add-ons:

— Adventure Plus: $5 a month, five channels.

— Fubo Cycling: $12 a month, five channels.

— Fubo Latino: $13 a month, 10 channels.

— International Sports Plus: $6 a month, four channels.

— Mundo Plus: $6 a month, six channels.

— Portuguese Plus: $15 a month, three channels.

— RAI Italia: $8 a month, one channel.

— Showtime: $11 a month, nine channels.

— Sports Plus: $9 a month, 21 channels.

Each of these add-ons has its own unique mix of channels on offer, so make sure to do a little research to find out which is best for you.

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Use Trial Periods to Take a Test Drive

If you aren’t sure whether FuboTV is the best value for you, you don’t have to sign up for a full-price subscription to try it out. You can try the service for free for a week, and to try it a little longer, you can get lower first-month introductory rates. Fubo’s first month is $40, while Fubo Extra’s first month is $45, which saves you $5 on either. Once you subscribe to the full-price subscription, you won’t be tied down with contracts, so even once you’re past the trial periods, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Though it was originally meant for soccer fans, FuboTV is now a popular live-streaming option for many cord-cutters, whether they’re watching soccer or not. Using DVR and playback features, simultaneous streaming capabilities, specialty program add-ons and trial periods, you can get the most out of your FuboTV subscription.

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