The consequences of eating lunch at your desk

Rohan Williamson, special to

WASHINGTON – It’s lunchtime, but you have too much work to take a long break to eat. So you eat at your desk while you work.

It seems harmless, but this can cause problems for you and your co-workers.

The Star- Tribune reports that working at your desk can increase stress and give off the vibe of being non-approachable.

There are plenty of ways you can justify eating at your desk – either you’re on a roll or you have too much work to take a break.

But the eating-at-your-desk debate has caused rifts in some work places. Some companies have decided to ban employees from eating lunch at their desks.

Studies also show people who eat at their desks often eat and work slower than if they did these activities separately.

Whatever side you may be on, it’s always important to keep your co-workers in mind. You should avoid eating foods with strong smells, and be conscious of food allergies that other employees may have.

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