How you take your coffee speaks volumes about you

WASHINGTON – It all starts out the same: the grinding, the brewing, the waiting. But it’s what you do to your coffee after pouring that matters.

Psychologist Ramani Durvasula’s research found that those of you who drink your coffee black are straightforward, no-nonsense individuals, sometimes moody and quiet — and maybe even dismissive, according to a story about her research published on PsychCentral.

The results of her study were included in her book “You Are WHY You Eat: Change Your Food Attitude, Change Your Life.”

In contrast, latte drinkers are people-pleasers, who could show more neurotic attributes as well and may over-extend themselves.

The bold trendsetters among us, those with a penchant for being reckless, go for frozen and blended coffee drinks.

Also, you might be a perfectionist, which could translate to you wanting your coffee a very specific way — perhaps with soy milk. You also may be obsessive and overly sensitive.

Maybe you know coffee drinkers who are laid back, or who may be procrastinators. They probably take their coffee instant.

Regardless, take heart: According to Durvasula and PsychCentral, your coffee order doesn’t totally define you … any more than your astrological sign does.

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