‘Thinspiration’ photo trend sparks concern

British fashionista Alexa Chung has said she is not actively trying to be \'thinspo.\' (AP)

Randi Martin, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – Facebook and Pinterest are great for sharing information and pictures among friends. But a recent trend of posted pictures is causing alarm.

Young girls are calling it “Thinspiration.” They post images intended to motivate each other in a quest to be thin. But the photos often show disturbing images of extremely thin and anorexic bodies.

Lara Gregorio of the National Eating Disorders Association says social sites are working with them to curb this new trend.

“For people online to be basically teaching people how to kill themselves is a very, very dangerous message,” Gregorio says.

“When people search ‘thinspiration,’ they will be directed to a PSA about eating disorders.”

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