Batman visits Baltimore’s Sinai Hospital

The Washington area's own superhero arrived with gifts in his Lamborghini for the hospital's youngest patients.

WASHINGTON – The Washington area’s own superhero arrived with gifts in his Lamborghini for the hospital’s youngest patients.

“My sole purpose is to brighten the lives of the children,” says Lenny Robinson, who dresses in a custom-made Batman costume.

Robinson says the great thing about Batman is that he doesn’t have superpowers.

“He can’t fly, he can’t ‘cha cha cha cha’ with webs, he doesn’t live under the sea,” he says. “He is naturally a superhero.”

The Washington Post reports Robinson is a businessman from Baltimore County. He visits hospitals and hands out Batman paraphernalia to kids fighting cancer and other diseases.

But this time, Robinson had a personal connection to the hospital. It’s where he was born.

“My message is to get to the kids, brighten their day, tell them I appreciate the fight and acknowledge that they’re the real superheroes, not me.”

Carrie Silver, whose son has leukemia, talked to her son about meeting with Batman when they were on their way to the hospital.

“He forgot about the needles and the blood and everything he had to deal with this morning and was just so excited for Batman,” she says. “It was a nice break.”

Robinson’s identity was revealed two weeks ago when he was pulled over for driving without a license plate. His Lamborghini’s actual plates were inside the car. Robinson put a bat symbol in their place on the exterior of the vehicle, which is why police pulled him over.

Police let him go without ticketing him, the Post said. They also helped him with a flat tire in 2011.

Check out these videos of Batman showing WTOP his gifts for the children and how his “Batmobile” works.

WTOP’s Andrew Mollenbeck contributed to this report.

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