Loudoun Co. sheriffs claim drop in crime after social-media push

WASHINGTON – Some of the most common crimes of the summer months were way down in Loudoun County this year, after the social-media campaign the sheriff’s office instituted in June, the sheriff said.

It’s called the #9PMRoutine, and the program is aimed at reducing crime by using tools such as Facebook and Twitter to remind residents to lock up every night.

Simple steps — locking your car doors and closing your garage — are the key factors, said Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman.

“From June to August of this year versus last year, what we’ve seen is a 31 percent decrease in thefts from vehicles, which is really one of the main problems that we had during the summer months,” Chapman said.

It’s a national program Sheriff Chapman says they’ll be bringing back again next year. It’s also one he says serves as a good reminder for residents everywhere: Lock up every night to avoid becoming a victim.

“You can be a victim of a crime at any time during the year, obviously, and what we want to do is make sure people keep these pointers in mind: Lock up your car; lock up your house; lock up your garage; don’t leave things of value outside. Don’t make it easy for the criminals out there.”

Some of the recent tweets the sheriff’s office sent out to remind people to lock up: