Pet of the Week: 2022 pets

Pet of the Week is a weekly feature that highlights a pet available for adoption from D.C.’s Humane Rescue Alliance.

Take a look back at the pets of 2021.

Meet Big Stunna!

Big Stunna has a big agenda: play with toys, give big hugs and get lots of exercise. Since he’s still a youngster, he has lots of energy to burn and needs to be kept super busy. He would thrive with an active schedule of physical and mental games. He has a toy obsession and would love nothing more than to be showered with them in a new home. Did we mention he gives great hugs? If you have room in your heart and on your couch for this jumbo sweetie, then come on down to the Humane Rescue Alliance and say hello to Big Stunna! As an added bonus, Big Stunna’s adoption fee is waived, along with all dogs over 40 pounds, through SaturdayTo meet, greet and go home with Big Stunna, visit to learn more.


Meet Canela!

If you’re happy and you know it wag your tail, and jump for joy, and crawl into someone’s lap and kiss their face!

That’s Canela’s theme song. She is a happy-go-lucky girl who is friendly, charming, and so cute! She does well with other dogs but is much more interested in showing people how much love she has to give. Canela is just a barrel of love in her 70-pound body, so if you have a lap that can accommodate a big girl, then you must meet this precious pup today! To meet, greet and go home with Canela, visit to learn more.


Meet Foreman!

Ready, Set, GO! is Foreman’s motto. Foreman is one of those dogs who just has so much energy. He’s always ready for activity, and he needs a family that is like-minded. Foreman will need a home that provides lots of physical activities, as well as one’s that work his mind. He’s like the Energizer Bunny — he just keeps on going! Chew toys will for sure be on his holiday list. Foreman would also love to show off what a quick learner he is at training classes. If you’re looking for a running buddy who will also provide you with endless love, make a date to meet Foreman soon — he’s waitin’ for ya! Visit www.humanerescueallianceorg to learn more.

Meet Benny!

Benny is a handsome dog who has had a rough go of it. He’s the perfect size at 25 pounds, and at 5 years old he won’t be growing too much more! He came to the Humane Rescue Alliance after being found as a stray and no one in the neighborhood recognized him. He’s been very shy during his time here, but our behavior team has been working closely with him to help him come out of his shell. With lots of patience and tasty treats, Benny is slowly learning how to trust and loves seeing his favorite people. He is looking for a home that is calm and quiet and a loving family who will help build his confidence. If you think you’re the right match, come meet Benny today! Visit www.humanerescueallianceorg to learn more.

Meet Jason!

Jason is the Humane Rescue Alliance’s resident social butterfly and certified wingman. He’s the life of the party, a textbook extrovert, and brings out the best in everyone he meets – especially children (who can handle all 70-pounds of him) and other dogs. As an extrovert, Jason wants to be where the people are. It’s as if every dog and person he meets are his long-lost best friend. Jason loves short walks to the treat container, play dates with his doggy friends, going on “sniffaris”, and snuggling up on chilly Autumn days. Plus, he knows how to get creative when it comes to napping; he will put his head on almost anything to use as a pillow (even a metal bar stool leg) and he will lie down in the shower, which we think is just the cutest thing ever.

To learn more about Jason, visit

Meet Gumbo!

Gumbo is all ears. This absolute goofball will never fail to bring a smile to your face. He loves to play chase and be outside for fun and games with his people. He is super social and does very well when playing with other dogs. He would do best in a home where he can continue mastering his basic manners training, but he’s a smart pup and he’s eager to learn. He is such a sweet boy and just adores people!

To meet, greet and go home with Gumbo, visit 

Meet Tyson!

Are you looking for a super-cool, relaxed, and friendly companion? Too tired for puppies who play nonstop and need to be trained? Well, Tyson is a 12-year-old gentleman looking for a quiet home where he can spend his golden years. This friendly, mellow guy would love nothing more than to go on a few leisurely strolls before cozying up with you on the couch to binge watch Netflix. On top of being an all-around great dog, Tyson loves children, has lived with cats, and gets along just fine with the dogs he has met at the Humane Rescue Alliance.

To meet, greet and go home with Tyson, visit Human Rescue Alliance.

Meet Skylar!

One-year-old Skylar is a wiggly, snuggly pup who loves to give kisses. Although she has a quiet demeanor, she is full of energy and loves long walks, runs, and entertaining herself with toys. She’s a big kid who loves to play and thinks playtime is all the time. Tug is her new favorite game. Hard toys, rope toys, and interactive games are her jam! She’s a fast learner and already knows “sit” and “stay.” Pro tip: she’ll do anything for a treat, and cheese and peanut butter are her go-tos (who can blame her?). She’s met other dogs and she always wants to play. She’s also met young children and she is gentle with them – gentle enough for them to feed her treats from their palms. Skylar can’t wait to meet you!

To learn more or to take home your new best friend, visit

Meet Sylvester!

Do you need a co-pilot in life? If so, 2-year-old Sylvester is here for you! He has so much love to give and thrives on human companionship. Sylvester’s other loves include long walks and devouring chew toys and ice cubes. He’s also good with just chillin’ after a long day on the go, particularly if there’s a side of belly rubs. If you let him, he would sleep by your side all night, but he is also crate trained and able to spend the night in his crate without a peep or accident. Sylvester would do best with a family who can provide a lot of exercise. Sylvester is now a “Staff Favorite,” and his nominator said: “He is so beloved by staff and volunteers that he could have his own fan club! When you pet him, his face just melts into the palm of your hand. When he’s not being fawned over, he loves going for walks and meeting new dogs and people!”

To learn more or to take home your new best friend, visit

Meet Jordan!

Have you ever met a dog who really needs another dog in their life? Well, that’s our Jordan! He thrives in the company of other dogs, as they help him build his confidence. And he’s learning that pets and love from people bring him joy too. A Humane Rescue Alliance volunteer recently nominated Jordan as a “Volunteer Favorite,” and they shared that “he is so curious and attentive. He takes treats gently and though he is strong, he is a gentle soul.” A second volunteer shared, “Jordan is such a quick learner! He didn’t know ‘sit’ when he arrived at the shelter, but now he’s a champion at sitting when asked.” Jordan is a smart boy who is very food motivated, so he would love to impress you and get mental stimulation by learning even the most difficult party tricks. He’s a terrific pup and he looks forward to a happy ending with you.

To learn more or to take home your new best friend visit


Meet Princess Fiona!

Princess Fiona has been nothing but a love muffin while at the Humane Rescue Alliance. Her sweet, tipped ears and tail wag are so inviting, and her kisses are the best. She was recently nominated as a staff favorite, and her nominator shared that she “is such a special girl. She is so calm yet curious and down for any adventure. Her distinctive tiny floppy ears highlight her expressive eyes and cute baby face. Her little potbelly just makes you say, ‘aww!’ All around, she is a wonderful dog.”

Being a princess, she seems to be happiest as the only one in the castle, so a dog-free home would be best for her. Princess Fiona does have a treatable medical condition, but HRA’s adoptions staff can tell you all about caring for the princess. One thing you can bet on is that Princess Fiona will be a loving and loyal friend who really deserves to have her great loyalty and companionship returned in kind.

To learn more or to take home your new best friend visit


Meet Koa.

Two-year-old Koa is a puddle of love! He has a big head and he really wants a lap to put it in. He’s very active and smart, so his ideal family would be engaged in training and living an active lifestyle. No couch potatoes for this big boy. He needs a strong, active family who can match his style. He and his foster mom run 3 miles each morning to burn off the extra energy. Between enrichment activities that make him think and daily exercise, he’s a very happy dog. He leans into petting and is quick to curl up next to his humans, but he is also fine with napping or quietly overseeing while his foster mom works from home. Koa would do best as the only dog in the home, and he’s all you will need. He’s a strong, young boy with a loud bark, but it’s all hiding what a love bug he really is.

Meet Maggie!

If staff at the Humane Rescue Alliance could choose one word to describe Maggie, it would be “perfect.” She can be a bit timid when you first meet her, but who can blame her after being found wandering all alone in D.C. before we rescued her? But she warms up very quickly; before you know it, she’ll be climbing into your lap (literally) for pets and snuggles. She’s an adorable, affectionate and wiggly pup. At a year and a half old, she’s the perfect age for adoption, since she’s grown out of rambunctious puppyhood but is still as young and playful as can be. She’s super smart too, and already knows how to politely sit when asked and how to give you her paw. She would love nothing more than a new best friend to help her build her confidence and show her all the good things in life. Could that new best friend be you?

To meet, greet and go home with Maggie, visit


Meet Opie!

Two-year-old Opie is a friendly boy with a big smile and a waggy tail. He loves to follow his foster mom and dad around the house, and he hopes for lots of belly rubs and scratches between his ears. He’s a high energy dog, so he would love to go home with a family who can keep up with him. He’s great on walks and runs, and with enough exercise he’ll happily nap the rest of the day. He knows how to sit and stay and is learning more commands. Did we mention Opie’s already crate trained? If going home with another dog, the resident dog should be dog savvy, able to read other dogs well and respond accordingly, as he can be a bit fussy with other dogs. Opie is a total gem and deserves the best home.

To learn more about Opie, visit

Meet Mitty!

10-year-old Mitty is a handsome senior pup who is as sweet and calm as can be. He came to the Humane Rescue Alliance in June after his owner could no longer care for him. Now, he’s looking for a quiet home to spend his golden years. He gets quite nervous in the loud shelter environment, so we’re hoping to get him on a couch as soon as possible. He’s a great walking companion, especially for someone who prefers leisurely strolls. He can be fussy when meeting other dogs, so he’ll need slow introductions with other pets. He may look tough, but Mitty is a total sweetheart and whoever adopts him is in for a lot of love.

To learn more about Mitty, visit

Meet Laney!

Laney has been nothing but amazing since arriving at her foster home. She would do great in a D.C. condo or apartment as she never barks at noises or other dogs barking in the hallway. Although Laney came to HRA as a stray, this little lady was definitely an indoor pet. She loves city life and greets dogs excitedly in the neighborhood. She makes a great running partner and keeps pace and handles easily.

Laney is a medium-energy dog, who would love to go on a few long walks during the day and then be a total cuddle bug after. Although she still loves to play, this 5-year-old gal has passed her puppy days and settles down perfectly. Laney is a total gem and deserves the best home.

To meet, greet and go home with Laney, visit

Meet Ivy!

If you are looking for a companion who will keep you from being lonely, Ivy is the pup for you. She’s the type of dog who will adorably demand more pets and snuggles by pawing at your arms if you dare stop petting her soft fur. When she sees her favorite people, her entire body wiggles with excitement and she greets them with lots of kisses.

Ivy recently went on a trip to the park and she had so much fun! She wanted to run and run, and it’s clear she will be a great jogging buddy. Ivy needs to be the only dog in a home but she’s all you need.

Learn more at

Meet Rory!

Do you have a soft spot in your heart for senior pups? If you do, then please visit good boy Rory at the Humane Rescue Alliance. He is a 15-year-old pup who deserves to be in a gentle home with lots of pampering. He had a home, but his owners were no longer able to care for him. It was sad for all, but Rory is doing his very best after losing the only home he has known.

Rory is a bit bashful but with patience and delicious treats, he is slowly opening up to our staff and starting to relax. He has met other dogs and pretty much ignores them. Rory wants to be back into a home, where he can take nice naps, get good meals and feel safer.

Learn more at


Meet Lego!

Two-year-old Lego is a playful, active dog. He would love a family that can keep up with him and will make sure he gets plenty of play and run time. He enjoys letting his ears blow in the wind and taking in the scenery on long car rides to the dog park. Lego gets along very well with other dogs at the shelter, and he does have a fun, playful side with his canine friends. While he is an active pooch, he does love to snuggle with people on the couch… and don’t be surprised if he tries to get into your lap!

Through July 31, you can name your own adoption fee for Lego and other dogs 30 pounds and over. Learn more at

Meet Rock Bobby!

We have no idea how such a great, young dog was found as a stray, but Rock Bobby is ready to find a new home with you. His tail is always doing the happy wag, and his entire body wiggles when he greets people. He adores being loved and petted. He also likes to get outside and check out the world, and we recently discovered he loves playing in water — he couldn’t get enough of it! He gets along well with other dogs and greets them with playful bows and pops. Rock Bobby would love to be adopted by folks that can continue with his leash training skills, and he would thrive in positive reinforcement classes.

Through July 31, you can name your own adoption fee for Rock Bobby and other dogs 30 pounds and over. Learn more at

Meet Oaky!

Oaky is a 13-year-old Pomeranian mix who would love to spend his golden years with you. He was found as a stray in Southwest D.C., but we’re certain he had a home at some point since he’s housebroken and can go up and down stairs like a champ. Though Oaky has cataracts, we can tell his vision is all right since he confidently leaps on and off sidewalks, stairs and couches. He enjoys meeting new friends on his daily strolls in the neighborhood, including adults, children and other dogs, and gets along well with all of them. He’s a happy guy and low energy dog who would love to be your new companion.

To learn more or to take home your new best friend visit

Meet Chance!

Chance is an incredibly sweet and loving 3-year-old boy. He came to us in December 2021 after his owner could no longer care for him. He’s quite playful but would also gladly snuggle up on the couch with you to watch a movie. Chance is a fast learner. He learned how to shake paw in just seven minutes (can we check the record books?!). And during his foster stay, he’s made great progress on his leash-walking manners.

Chance likes to take it slow when getting to know new people and would do best in a calmer household. Once he is used to people, he’s very sweet and loving. And a bonus: If you love to sleep in, so does Chance. He’s absolutely amazing and the best partner to have.

Learn more at

Meet Tobey!

One-year-old Tobey is young, handsome and has eyes that will melt your heart. Tobey is a bit shy, but he’s slowly building his confidence and will love you endlessly if you let him. Tobey has met other dogs and he appreciates slow introductions but once he feels comfortable, he can give the cutest play bows.

He has also lived with cats and is very gentle with them. Since coming to the Humane Rescue Alliance, he’s been working on his basic manners and is making great progress. He’s a smart pup who would do well with a lot of continued mental and physical enrichment.

Learn more at

Meet Dumbo!

Dumbo’s ears are so tall they almost have their own Zip code. Seriously, these are some BIG ears. And they are so lovable, too.

Dumbo loves to play chase and get outside for fun and games with his people. He is super social, does very well with other playful pups and loves to be loved. At just 6 months old, Dumbo needs a family that can teach him the basic manners all puppies need to know. But he’s a smart pup and he’s eager to learn.

Learn more at

Meet our darling Coco! She was found as a stray and, after some gentle coaxing, eagerly jumped in the car with one of our animal control officers. We found out she already knows “sit” and “paw” and she listens even better with a bit of peanut butter as an incentive. And toys! Oh my goodness, Coco adores her toys and it is so much fun to watch her having a great time.

She is very playful and enjoys a great game of fetch, but be sure to make room for her on the sofa because Coco is the biggest snuggler you will ever meet. She leans into pets and will stay curled up in your arms for hours if you let her. She truly thinks she is a 50 pound lap dog! Be prepared for lots of cuddles and kisses.

Coco is very curious and enjoys long walks where she can let out some energy and sniff the grass. At just one year old, Coco is a young pup who would do well with adopters who can help keep her active and continue to work on her training.

As an added bonus, Coco’s adoption fee is waived thanks to all-star pitcher Max Scherzer and Humane Rescue Alliance board member Erica Scherzer, who are helping us find more animals loving homes! Today through Sunday the Scherzers are covering adoption fees for ALL animals at HRA. The Scherzers’ generosity comes at a time when we need it the most — we have hundreds of animals in our care, like Coco, who are waiting to find new families.

Learn more at

Meet Pierre! When you’re around this sweet pup you can’t help but smile. He’s a big, friendly boy and loves to be around his favorite people at the shelter. Pierre walks well on leash and would be a great addition to a family with dogs who are looking to add to their pack.

Pierre was found alone, outside as a stray, but this darling boy has so much love to give and endless kisses for his future family.

With summer finally here and over 90 dogs in our shelter looking for a home, now is the perfect time to find your new best friend during our June pay-what-you-can adoption event for dogs like Pierre, who are 30 pounds and over! Learn more at

Meet Scruff! This sweet, handsome love bug has quickly become a staff and volunteer favorite. Scruff came to the Humane Rescue Alliance as a stray but you wouldn’t know it. He is a happy pup and a very good boy who can’t wait to find a loving, new family.

Scruff appreciates a gentle, slow approach when meeting new people, and if you really want to win him over, a few treats should do the trick! Scruff also does well with other dogs his own size and is easy to walk.

Looking for a great, big, super sweet pooch? Make a date to meet, adopt, and go home with Scruff soon. Learn more by visiting the Humane Rescue Alliance online.

Meet Sophie! This sweet puppy was found as a stray before being brought to the Humane Rescue Alliance. Sophie is a little shy and would love to find a family that will help her continue to work on her confidence.

At three months old Sophie is still growing and learning. She loves playtime, toys and being around other people and pets. Her favorite activity is neighborhood walks with her foster family and getting to play with the all the kids she meets — she’s very PUP-ular!

Think Sophie is the one for you? Learn more at

Meet Marc! He is one big lovable pooch. He was found as a stray and understandably he was quite stressed when he arrived at the Humane Rescue Alliance. But since then he’s mellowed into what HRA staff affectionately call a love muffin.

Marc is a calm but enthusiastic walker. All the volunteers want to take Marc out as walking him is such a pleasure. And he is smart! He already knows “sit” and to patiently wait at crosswalks. He has met other dogs but is much more interested in hanging with people and getting love and attention. Marc is a terrific 2-year-old pup and he can’t wait to meet you! To learn more and to meet Marc, visit

Meet Knucklez! Who could resist his adorable freckled face? This sweet pup came to the Humane Rescue Alliance in rough shape. He was found underweight, cold and alone. Thanks to his new friends at HRA he’s feeling so much better, and now all he needs is a loving, new family to give him the pampering and attention he deserves.

Knucklez is a friendly, fun dog who loves to get outside and sniff around. He’s a smart 3-year-old pup and is happy to do tricks for treats! To learn more and to meet Knucklez, visit

Meet Fiona! Fiona is a sweet, well-mannered, smart pup who already knows several commands and walks nicely on a leash! She recently had a super fun day out of the shelter and her temporary foster let us know she was a total joy to host!

Fiona would like you to know that if you sit down, she will give you full body wiggles, hugs and kisses and proceed to curl up by your side (or directly on top of you)! But when you are ready for some fun Fiona will be by your side ready for any adventure.

This sweet girl would like a home with squeaky toys, comfy places to snooze, and pets and attention multiple times per day. To learn more or to take home your new best friend visit

Dearest adopter! If it’s a sweet, mellow, low-key companion you seek, look no further than Lady Whistledown. This 15-year-old senior pup is as gentle as can be and wags her tail sweetly when she meets new people.

Even though she moves a bit slow and stiff these days, she’s still happy to get up and enjoy the great outdoors. She loves to mosey along and sniff all the interesting scents and after her walk she wants nothing more than to curl up in her soft bed and snooze for the rest of the afternoon.

Lady Whistledown is a smart pup and still very treat motivated! If you want a gentle, peaceful and loving companion, Lady Whistledown is the girl for you.

To learn more visit

Meet Penelope! She will quickly wiggle her way into your heart with her gentle nudges when she wants attention. At seven years old, Penelope is well past her puppy days but enjoys getting outside for walks and exploring.

Penelope loves people and will greet you with a full body wiggle and tail wag. She’s a smart girl and is very motivated to do tricks for treats.

To learn more about this darling girl, visit

Meet Sailor! This three-year-old pup is ready to be your forever first mate.

She came to the Humane Rescue Alliance as a stray, in rough shape, and understandably fearful and nervous of new people and new environments. Our behavior team has been working closely with Sailor for months, trying to help her feel more comfortable with lots of treats and positive reinforcement.

We discovered Sailor is much more comfortable in the presence of another dog and she really shines when she has a confident pup to show her the ropes. We’d love to help Sailor find a home that has a dog and a family that is willing to give her lots of time to adjust and help her continue to thrive.

To set up a meet and greet and to learn more about Sailor, visit

Get your cozy gear out and get ready for expert couch cuddles with Duchess! Duchess likes a slow and gentle introduction, but once she trusts you, she’ll be ready to show you all the love in the world.

This 4-year-old pup mostly wants to sleep by your side and occasionally take short breaks for walks. She also enjoys head rubs, treats and being told she’s a good girl. Duchess would appreciate a patient family who will introduce her to all the great things in life and continue to let her come out of her shell.

If you’re interested in meeting Duchess, visit

Biscuit is a senior pup who still has a lot of pep in his step! He loves to go on walks, jump around with other dogs and wrestle with his toys. His foster let us know he is very quiet and easily entertains himself by playing with toys or burrowing into his favorite blanket for naps.

Biscuit is a cuddly guy who never turns down a belly rub and loves to give kisses. He is a little shy at first, but if you give him space, he will soon be your best friend and always be by your side.

If you are ready to fall in love with this 12-year-old salt-and-pepper sweetheart visit

Meet Kilo — this sweet pup is truly 1 in a 1,000!

Kilo is a handsome 5-year-old boy with the most soulful eyes. This good boy enjoys car rides and going for fun, long walks with his favorite staff and volunteers. Did we mentioned he walks quite nicely on leash!

There isn’t much Kilo enjoys more than attention and getting all the pets and love he can. He’s also an all-star at playing tag, and you can’t not laugh when you watch Kilo get the zoomies at play time.

Kilo was found as a stray but he’s looking forward to a happy future with a family that will love him endlessly.

Learn more at

Say hello to Peach, who is as sweet as can be! This 2-year old is super friendly and affectionate, and adores cuddles and belly rubs. She’s also super goofy and loves contorting herself into all sorts of shapes while snuggling up in your lap.

Although she’s bursting with energy (and working hard not to express all that joy by pulling on the leash during her walk), she is also happy to lounge quietly with her chew toys or look out the window while her foster parents work.

She’s a very fast learner and she already knows how to “sit” and “stay.” Is this smart girl the one for you? Meet, adopt, and go home with your sweet Peach!

Learn more at

Charlie is one handsome pup and he knows it! He’s a super-busy active pooch who always seems ready for action. Charlie is just a year old and loves to run and play and his ‘zoomies’ are hilarious to watch.

He has made great progress on his leash-walking skills and would love to keep learning and getting tasty rewards for his efforts.

Charlie is looking for a family that will go slow when first meeting him, who are up for long, exuberant walks and who are ready for 24/7 affection from him!

To learn more and to set up a virtual meet and greet, visit

It was a special reunion for adoptable Princeton and Ella last week! The two came to the Humane Rescue Alliance in January before Princeton was transferred to our friends at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

It became clear to HRA staff quickly that Ella was heartbroken without her best friend Princeton. She became increasingly fearful and shutdown and we knew we had to do whatever we could to reunite this dynamic duo.

Now that Princeton and Ella are reunited they are ready to find their new home, together!

Princeton is an all-white, 13-year-old senior who loves to lean in for pets and he can never get enough attention. Ella is a black and white terrier mix who at just one year old is super wiggly and she cannot give out enough big sloppy kisses.

This odd couple is happiest when they are around each other and they can’t wait to meet you and make you smile.

To learn more and to set up a virtual meet and greet, visit

Roses are red,
My eyes are bright blue,
And I’m so excited to finally meet you!

Make no bones about it, your heart will have the zoomies when you meet Braden — a handsome, drool-worthy 1-year-old pup! Braden came to the Humane Rescue Alliance as a stray and has quickly stolen the hearts of our staff. He’s an affectionate boy who likes to lean in for pets or snuggle all 58-pounds of himself in your lap, if you’ll let him.

As an added bonus, Braden’s adoption fee will be waived this weekend along with all dogs over 40 pounds as part of our single and ready-to-mingle adoption promotion running Friday, Feb. 11, through Sunday, Feb. 13.

Meet Brock! He’s a two-year-old, happy-go-lucky kind of guy. Since he’s been at the shelter a little longer than most, staff and volunteers have gotten to know him and his fun personality really well. He gets regular visits and is usually keeping an eye out for anyone passing by his den so that he can be sure to say hi!

Brock goes on weekly runs with volunteers at Rock Creek Park and rides perfectly in the car. He loves to run and walk at the park and honestly, is just happy to be along for the excitement.

At the shelter play yards, he is a tennis ball chaser extraordinaire. Brock is happy to play games of fetch with two or even three balls at a time. He also specializes in lap lounging. If you sit down, Brock may just lean in and try to sit (partially!) on your lap. He loves to be close and craves human contact and interaction. Does this sweet, affectionate pup sound like the one for you?

To learn more and to set up a virtual meet and greet, visit

Meet Domino! He’s ready to bring constant joy and lots of energy to your life. Domino is a sweet, affectionate nine-month-old puppy that enjoys the company of people and is always up for play time with another active pup.

Domino is a smart dog and is doing well with leash training. Domino would do best in an adults-only home where he can continue to work on training and basic manners. And of course, get lots of cuddles and love. Make a date to meet this darling guy soon.

To learn more and to set up a virtual meet and greet, visit

Meet Goober! This affectionate 11-month-old pup will climb in your lab and cover you in kisses if you let him. Goober is ready to go, go, go. He loves playing tag, chasing toys, and play time with other dogs. He was found in D.C. as a stray before coming to the Humane Rescue Alliance and now he’s ready to meet his match. Could that be you? To learn more and to set up a virtual meet and greet, visit

Meet Bucket! This sweet, 3-year-old boy has come a long way. He was found outside, alone, and fearful. Since he arrived, the Humane Rescue Alliance staff and volunteers have been working hard to build Bucket’s confidence. These days he looks forward to play time and can’t get enough pets and hugs from his new human friends. This big, handsome boy is ready to find a calm home where he can hang out, and enjoy his new family. To learn more or to set up a virtual meet and greet with Bucket, visit

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