Need a new vehicle? Tips to help you land your next ride

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Times have changed since the last time you bought a vehicle. Most dealers’ lots look sparse with a few dozen cars where a few hundred sat just a few months before. The automotive industry has been dealt a one-two punch to its normal operation and so buying a new vehicle is taking a new form. Inventory is lower because the global pandemic slowed and even halted production for a time. Then the latest body blow is the semiconductor chip shortage that has done a number to the automotive and other industries as well. With all that in play, the usual web search or visit to your local dealer looks much different now.
So what do you do?

If you need a vehicle now you might have to make some compromises with what you will be willing to take home same day. Some vehicles are harder to get than others are. SUVs, crossovers and trucks are some of the most popular with buyers and that inventory is very tight right now.
Be willing to search online and then hit the road to find what you want. If you find it, you might not get the color or the options that you had your heart set on. You might have to settle for cloth instead of leather seats. While it might have been a deal breaker in the past it will be less so now. However, not all is lost. You can add some of those must-have items like a sunroof, leather or heated seats and other goodies. This will help you to help get closer to the vehicle you want in the first place. The dealer you buy from can usually handle the upgrades and you can roll it into the price of the vehicle with some favorable financing rates or pay for it separately.

If you do not need that shining new ride in the driveway right away, there is another way to go.

Factory order that new ride!

You do not even have to leave your house to get that done. An email or a phone call to the dealer will help get the ball rolling. This approach will ensure you get the model you want with the options, trim level and that color you promised yourself. A new automobile is a big financial decision. You should have it the way want it. Manufacturers are building now so the wait will not be forever, but expect about 45 days or so for the very popular Ram 1500 truck. Have your eyes on some big HP, which seems very popular now and you may need to wait a few extra weeks. At least it gives you time to break the news gently to your better half about that SRT Charger Hellcat Redeye in Indigo Blue you bought, right?

No matter the approach you use to buy your next vehicle, the value of your current car will surprise you. Just like the new car shortage, good used cars are hard to come by. Some low mileage, used crossovers and trucks are drawing bigger bucks than just a few months ago. In a few cases the price for these used is about the same as they are new. The trade-in value will help ease the new vehicle price.

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