‘My alibi is solid’: DC Del. Norton denies setting zebras loose in Prince George’s Co.

A D.C. lawmaker known for fighting for freedom is denying any responsibility for setting a group of zebras loose in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton — who was a strong crusader for removing the fencing around the U.S. Capitol after the events of Jan. 6 — denied any allegations that her zeal for removing fences extended to the enclosure the zebras escaped from in Upper Marlboro.

“Local news has reported that the zebras were let loose on Saturday or Sunday of last weekend, a period of time during which I was enjoying quiet time at home with family,” Norton said. “My alibi is solid, but given my career of fighting for statehood for the District, which includes years of explaining the importance of having consent of the governed, and given my recent opposition to fences, I can understand why the charge was made.”

It is not immediately clear who had accused Norton of the act. A statement put out by her office said simply, “The charges were made known when a member of the public noted that, historically, Norton has valued the principle of consent of the governed, most notably in the fight for statehood for the District.”

Norton said she wished the best for all involved.

“I hope the owners find the zebras and that all involved live long, full lives,” she said.

Editor’s Note: The author of this article would like to point out that he also did not set the zebras loose, in case any readers might take any fanciful notions to the contrary. He was busy making bringing you the most dazzling news the D.C. area has to offer on the days in question.

Zeke Hartner

Zeke Hartner is a digital writer/editor who has been with WTOP since 2017. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University’s Political Science program and an avid news junkie.

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