Va. encourages working from home during Telework Week

Almost 20 percent of employees would like to telecommute if given the option (Getty Images/Kim Carson)

WASHINGTON — Fewer commuters may be on Washington-area roads this week — at least that’s the goal of Virginia Telework Week.

During March 7-11, workers who typically travel to a job site are encouraged to work from home on one or more days, and employers are coaxed to pilot a telework program, in return for being listed on the Telework!VA website.

Proponents say telework improves employee productivity, reduces turnover, improves employee morale, and reduces carbon emissions.

According to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, more than a quarter of commuters in the region telecommute at least occasionally.  An additional 18 percent of regional commuters would like to telecommute if given the opportunity.

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